Make Your Own Logo

Make your own logo for your new startup or side project

Logobly helps entrepreneurs, makers, side hustlers and founders create logos for their websites and apps in a flash

Fast logo creator

Make your own logo fast with the amazing Logobly logomaker for startups

Get it done yourself

No need for a designer or an agency, with Logobly you can make your own logo

Startup-ready logos

Instantly download PNG and SVG files ready for use on your startup business

Make Your Own Logo

Launch your website faster with our new logo creator

Create a logo for your website in minutes with our amazing new logomaker for startups, side projects, websites and apps

Make Your Own Logo

Simple as pie

Our logomaker is easy to use and generates amazing logos with just a few clicks of your mouse or mobile. You can even generate your new logo in a cab on the way to an important meeting

Premium fonts

Logobly logomaker uses only high quality, professional grade fonts so your logo will look amazing on mobile, on desktop websites and print media so your company will always look the business

Premium icons

We use only the best logo marks crafted by amazing, professional designers so your logomaker delivers the best results for the best price – after all we’re all about great logos for a great price

How to make your own logo

Get an incredible new logo for your startup in minutes with Logobly, the incredible new logo creator

Step 1.

Enter your startups name, for example ‘Facebook’

Step 4.

Choose your color from our recommendations, or create your own!

Step 2.

Select your startups category, for example ‘productivity’

Step 5.

Choose your logo design from our simple, yet inspiring logos

Step 3.

Choose your font from our modern selection of fonts

Step 6.

Checkout and download your new logomaker logo package

Logo creator pricing

$49 for a complete logo package

  • Website ready logos
  • Social media logos
  • SVG, PNG and EPS logo files
  • Website favicon
  • Word only logos
  • Full logo ownership

Complete logo creator packages

Get all the stuff you need to launch today

Logobly logomaker generator

Each Logobly logomaker pack comes with a favicon for your website

Logobly logomaker generator

As well as a light logo for social media, you also get a dark logo for social media

Logobly logomaker generator

Each Logobly logo pack comes with a full color logo for your website or app

Logobly logomaker generator

Don’t like logo marks, you get a word only logo with your logo package too

Logobly logomaker generator

Logobly logo package comes with a social media icon for all social media sites

Logobly logomaker generator

Each Logobly logo package ships with your very own two color style guide

Make Your Own Logo
Make Your Own Logo

The logo creator for entrepreneurs, makers and side-hustlers

Logo helps new business owners make things happen fast by allowing them to generate a logo in minutes for their new ventures


Hassle free logo creator

Use our no-fuss, hassle free logomaker to create new logos in a flash without the hassle of employing a designer or searching for someone one Fivver and waiting days to get your logo designs


Convenient logo creator

Logobly logomaker works on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone so it’s easy and convenient to create simple logos in minutes, not hours so you can get your website up and running fast


Inspiring logo creator

Need some logo inspiration? Logobly logomaker has got you covered with a full selection of simple and inspiring logo designs to suit your website, startup or side projects branding needs and more

What is Logobly?

Logobly is an online logo maker. It allows anyone to create an amazing logo for their side project or internet startup in minutes.

How does Logobly work?

Creating a logo with Logobly can be done in 6 simple steps:

Step 1. Enter your startups name

Step 2. Select your startups space

Step 3. Choose your font

Step 4. Choose your color

Step 5. Choose your logo design

Step 6. Checkout with your credit card and download your logo

How much does a logo cost?

$49 US dollars.

How long does a logo take to make?

You can create a logo with Logobly in as little as 60 seconds.

How many logo color combinations do I get?

You get a full color logo, which is dark grey and one other color. You get an all white logo. You also get dark social media logo and a light social media logo. You also get all the source files including an .SVG and and .EPS file which can be used for print.

What’s included in my full logo package?

  • A full color website ready logo
  • A white website ready logo
  • A website favicon
  • Full logo ownership
  • SVG, PNG and EPS logo files
  • Social media logos
  • Word only logos

Do I get a copy of the font used in my logo?

No, we don’t issue you with the font used in your logo.

How do I contact you guys?

You can reach Logobly support by sending us a message here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards.

Do you accept PayPal?


Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will be emailed a receipt from Stripe as well as an email from Logobly with your logo files and payment details.

How can I re-download my logo files?

After checkout you would have been emailed a download link to your logo files, you can re-download your files there.

Please don’t delete your logo package email as you will need it to re-download your logo files.

I’ve deleted my logo package email, what now?

Please contact support, we’ll send you another email with your logo package.

Do I own the rights to my logo?

Yes, you are free to use your logo and logo mark without attribution.