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Build your pro logo with our logo maker app

Logobly logo maker app uses only the best hand-picked colors, fonts and icons to ensure your brand is professional and ready for the big time.

Logo maker app
Logo maker app

Create your brand in seconds with our easy logo maker app

We know you’re busy starting the next big thing, so we’ve made Logobly quick and easy to use. Create your professional logo in seconds with our pro logo maker app

Get a complete brand package today

Get everything you need to brand your startup today with Logobly’s complete brand packages including website, social media and print logos. Use our logo maker app.

Logo maker app
Logo maker app

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Logo maker app

How the logo maker app works


Create your professional brand in seconds with our free logo maker app


Choose your perfect logo and checkout securely with our logo maker app


Download your company logos and brand your startup with our logo maker app

Logo maker app

Your 24/7 logo maker app

Save time and money

Create your new brand for free in seconds, only pay when you’re ready to download

Color recommendations

Logobly logo maker app recommends popular color combinations for your brand, or you can choose your own

Complete logo packages

Get a complete brand package in seconds including website, social media and print logos

Font recommendations

Logobly logo maker app uses and recommends only the best, premium and hand-picked fonts for your brand

Super-easy to use

Logobly logo maker app is made for busy entrepreneurs, so it’s quick as a flash and super easy to use

Customised for you

Logobly logo maker app creates and recommends custom logo designs based on your startup’s category

Logo maker app FAQ

What is a logo maker app?

A company logo generator allows anyone to create an amazing logo for their startup, side project or internet business in minutes. Logobly is a logo generator. It’s one of the best branding companies for startups.


How many logos can I make for free?

You can make unlimited logo ideas for free, you only pay when you’re 100% happy with your logo.


How much does a logo maker app cost?

You are free to generate as many logo designs online for free. If you want to download your logo and use it on your company website it’s a one-time fee of just $49 US dollars.


What is the branding package pricing?

Branding package pricing to generate a logo for your company and everything you need is just $49 for you startup.


How do I make a startup company logo?

There are 6 easy steps to make your own logo design with our logo maker:

1. Enter your name
2. Select your icon type
3. Choose your font
4. Choose your color
5. Select your logo
6. Checkout and download


What are the best branding companies for startups?

When you’re starting a startup, you need fast, high value logo design. Logobly provides founders with amazing logos, and a brand pack for just $49.


What is in the branding logo package?

The startup branding logo package contains everything you need to brand your startup. It includes a PNG website logo, a PNG social media logo, a high-res EPS logo file for all of your print needs, a website favicon file and also a color guide with hex color values for your logo and your brand.

How long does a logo take to make?

To employ a professional logo designer it can take days or weeks to design your logo. With Logobly logo generator you can create a logo with Logobly in as little as 60 seconds.


What do I get in my branding package?

20+ logo files for use across all mediums, ready-to-go logo PNG files for website, ready-to-go PNG files for social media, multiple high-res file types (SVG, PNG & EPS), multiple color variations (inc. transparent BG’s), text only logo variations, brand guide including #hex color codes, a bonus file for website favicon, free customer support and full ownership.


Will I get a receipt for my logo purchase?

Yes, you will be emailed a receipt from Stripe as well as an email from Logobly with your logo files and payment details.


What is startup branding?

Startup branding is the essential startup branding package elements that you need to startup your business. These are mostly PNG files including company website logo, logo for social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


What is a branding package and how much does it cost?

A startup branding package is the package that Logobly creates for you after you checkout. The branding package has everything you need to brand your startup straight away. It has multiple logo files for your website and social media channels. It also has multiple high-res files for other uses including business cards and print material for your new business.


Where do I get a logo designed?

There are a number of places where you can get a logo designed. It really depends on how much you want to spend. If you have a lot of money to spend you should go to a top branding agency. If you’re a startup and don’t have a lot of time and money to spend you should try a logo generator like Logobly to create an amazing logo design and logo package for your new company.