4 Easy Steps To Making A Logo For Your Next Business

You really want to begin making a logo, but you don’t know where to start. If you haven’t made a logo before it can feel like a hassle. What font do I use? How do I create the logo mark? What colours should I use? And in what program do I use? Not to worry, in this post I’m going to cover off the 4 key elements you need to know when it comes to making a logo.

Making a logo is like making food. If you want to create amazing food, you need amazing ingredients. If you want to make an amazing logo, you need amazing elements. Your 3 key elements should include, a font, a logo mark and a colour for your logo. These are the key elements that go into making a logo. You’ll also need some software to put it all together. Read on for more on that.

1. Software for making a logo

Before talk about how to gather the 3 key elements for making a logo, you need to have some software to put it together. As a professional designer, I use Adobe Illustrator for designing my logos. Now, I know what you’re saying. I don’t have Adobe Illustrator! The good news is you can put together a logo in lots of different software packages. Sketch is another option, you can buy it for just $99. Lots of designers use Sketch when it comes to making a logo. You could even put together a basic logo layout in Word or Powerpoint if you’re really desperate. Once you’ve got your software sorted, you can move onto gathering your 3 key elements needed to make your logo.

Adobe Illustrator

Making a logo

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed by Adobe. Adobe Illustrator was reviewed as the best vector graphics editing program in 2018 by PC Magazine. It’s the perfect piece of software to use when it comes to making a logo. It is not the cheapest around though, or easiest piece of software to use. Please note you will need a monthly subscription to use Illustrator. Also suggest getting some training so you know how to use it when it comes to designing your logo.


Making a logo

Sketch is a vector graphics editor, developed by the Dutch company Bohemian Coding. Sketch was first released on 7 September 2010 for macOS. It won an Apple Design Award in 2012. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, Sketch is a lot cheaper and easier to use. It’s a lightweight piece of software that can be installed in used on your Mac. It has lots of great tools that will help you put your logo together. Again you will need to set aside some money to buy it and spend some time learning how to use the software.

2. Fonts for making a logo

First up you need a font or typeface for your logo. The great news is there’s a lot of free font sites on the internet where you can browse and download free fonts to use in your logo.

When it comes to selecting a font, it’s important that the style of the font reflects your business. For example, if you’re creating a business about kids clothing, you want to use a fun, playful font. If you’re creating a business about finance, you want to use a font that is a little more conservative.

What font you use when making a logo is entirely up to you. The best piece of advice is I can give is to ensure your logo font is readable at all sizes. Remember your logo is going to appear on mobile phone screens. You need to ensure you use a font that is readable at small sizes.

Below is a list of free font sites where you can browse and download free fonts to use when making a logo:

Google Fonts

Making a logo

Google Fonts is a fantastic site made by Google. It offers hundreds of free fonts that are suitable for logo design. Google’s font directory places typography front and centre, inviting users to explore, sort, and test fonts for use in more than 135 languages. Their series of thematic collections helps you discover new fonts that have been vetted and organized by our team of designers, engineers, and collaborators, and our default sort organizes fonts based on popularity, trends. You can also create your own highly customized collections by filtering families, weights, and scripts, plus test color themes, and review sample copy. Collections shared and downloaded which makes it easy to get started on that new logo design. Once you’ve found a suitable font you like, simply add it to your collection, download and install in on your machine ready for use.

Font Squirrel

Making a logo

Font Squirrel is your best resource for free, hand-picked, high-quality, commercial-use fonts. The site features 1000’s of free fonts that are perfect for logo design. They’ve done the hard work, hand-selecting these typefaces and presenting them in an easy-to-use format. You can browse the fonts by name, classification and a bunch of other filters. Once you’ve found a font you like, simply hit the download button. Some of the fonts can be downloaded free straight from Font Squirrel. Others take you off-site to download. Once your font has downloaded, simply install it on your machine and you’re ready to use it to create your logo in your preferred software.


Making a logo

DaFont is an Archive of freely downloadable fonts. There are literally 1000’s of free fonts on this site for you to choose from. Visit the site and browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. Once you find a font you like on DaFont, simply click the download button at the right of the screen. Your font will download. Once downloaded install it onto your machine, ready for use in your preferred design software and on your new logo design.

3. Icons for making a logo

Next up you’re going to need an icon or logo mark for your logo. When it comes to creating a mark for your logo you can create one yourself. If you create one yourself it’s always great to start with a pen and paper. Jot your ideas for a logo mark down a pad. Draw up as many as you can think of. Make sure they relate to what your business or side project is. When you’ve drawn up a logo mark you like, you can scan it and import it into your software. Then you can use the tools to trace over your sketch and create your logo mark artwork on screen. As noted, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are great tools for you to create your logo mark.

If you don’t want to draw up and trace your logo mark, there are other options. You can use a ready-made icon for your logo mark. There are a bunch of websites online that offer 1000’s of icons that can be used when making a logo.

Below is a list of free icon sites where you can browse and download icons to use when making a logo:


Making a logo

Iconmonstr is a free, monstrously big and continuously growing source of simple icons run by one creator. Created by Alexander Kahlkopf, a senior designer from Germany with over 15 years of professional experience in icon design. It has 4432+ free icons in 307 collections. To use Iconmonstr simply browse or use the search bar to find a relevant icon. Once you’ve found your icon, you can download it in a number of different file formats including SVG, EPS, PNG and PSD. The file format you want is an EPS file. This file can then be opened and edited in your favourite design software.

The Noun Project

Making a logo

The Noun Project is a website that aggregates and catalogues symbols that are created and uploaded by graphic designers around the world. Based in Los Angeles, the project functions both as a resource for people in search of typographic symbols and design history of the genre. You can find an icon on The Noun Project by simply browsing or searching 1000’s of icons that have listed on the site. Once you’ve found an icon you like you can download it in various formats. To download your icon you do need to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you can download your icon in EPS format to be opened and edited in your favourite design software.

Flat Icon

Making a logo

Flaticon is the largest search engine of free icons in the world. Flaticon offers users, high-quality graphic designs: totally editable vectors carefully selected by their design team in order to provide our users with great content that can be used in both personal and commercial projects. Flat Icon allows you to browse and search 1000’s of icons that can be used when making a logo. Simply browse or search the site. Once you’ve found an icon that you like, click on it. Once you’ve clicked on it, you can download as an SVG file or even change the color of the icon. Then open it up and edit in your favourite design software.

4. Colors for making a logo

When it comes to choosing a color for your logo it’s important to choose a color that fits your business. For example, if you’re creating a business that is around travel, maybe you should consider bright, fun colors. If you’re creating a business around interior design, you should consider more pastel and muted colors. Colors are very important when it comes to making a logo. You should select colors that you like, but also colors that properly reflect the type of business you are creating. When you’re creating a logo for the internet, you want to use what’s called HEX colors. HEX is the universal color code for colors used on websites and all other screen-based design. Most of the color sites below feature HEX codes for their colors so you can just copy and paste them into your software.

Below is a list of free color palette sites you can browse and use when making a logo:


Color Combination

Colorhunt is an incredible collection of color swatches made by top designers and creators around the world. Simply visit Colorhunt.co and choose from hot new colors, crowd favourites, or even make your own! Thousands of designers and creatives from the community have spent hours putting color combinations together. These color combinations are perfect for your logo design. Once you’ve found a color you can copy and paste the color code straight into your preferred design software.

Adobe Color

Color Combination

Made by Adobe, Adobe Color is another heavyweight when it comes to color combinations. As well as simple color swatches, Adobe Color has color swatches that are made from real photos! Yes, this is a great way to explore and use lovely color combinations. Once you’ve found a color you like, simply click on the color and copy the color values into your preferred design software.


Cooler Color Combination

Coolers is another great solution when it comes to choosing a color for your logo. These guys are focused purely on screen based color which makes them great for all things online. Their community has really gotten into the whole color scheme thing too. You can browse hundreds of carefully put together color palettes. Choose your palette and copy the hex codes for your color into your preferred design software.


So there you have it. This is what it takes when it comes to making a logo. 4 key things including design software, fonts, logo marks and color combinations. It may seem complicated as you may have never done these things before. But once you get the hang out it after doing it a number of times it does get easier. Practice makes perfect as they say. If all of the above is too much, you can always use our amazing logo maker Logobly. It’s perfect for creating a logo for your startup or side project and it takes just a couple of minutes to produce amazing logo designs.

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