15 Controversial Logo Redesign Fails That Got People Talking

Logo redesign fails
Craig Barber

Craig Barber

Founder of Logobly
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In this post we’re going to checkout some bad logo redesign fails.

People get so used to seeing a logo everywhere.

Especially if it’s a really big brand. When the logo changes, it’s a big deal.

Most of the time a big company gets it right when it comes to a rebrand.

But every so often a brand changes its logo and the public don’t react well.

Whether it’s just a really bad logo design or the fact that people often don’t like change.

There have been some real clangers of logo redesigns over the years.

Here are a few of the most controversial logo redesigns over the years.


The Gap logo redesign

Gap logo redesign

Who could forget this clanger? The public reacted so badly to this Gap logo design. I would have hated to be the designer on this one.

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The BT logo redesign

BT logo redesign

BT recently redesigned their logo. This super, super minimal new logo design did seem to puzzle people. The designer channelled their inner hipster on this one.

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The eBay logo redesign

eBay logo redesign

When the beloved eBay logo gets redesigned, several people cried ‘I liked the old one!’. Another example of a fund brand feeling the need to look a little more grown-up.

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The USA Today logo redesign

USA Today logo redesign

The old USA Today logo certainly was iconic. I remember seeing it on newsstands everywhere. This new redesign does lack some character.

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The Burberry Logo redesign

Burberry logo redesign

I’m all for minimalism, but man this is quite a change for Burberry. The new logo does super generic. Imagine presenting this one to the client.

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The Pizza Hut logo redesign

Pizza Hut logo redesign

Pizza Hut has changed their logo many times over the years. This latest change is a bit of a shocker. The single logo color is not something I would have chosen for a food brand.

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The Weight Watchers logo redesign

Weight Watchers logo redesign

For months I was seeing the new WW logo everywhere. I did not know it was for Weight Watchers. They messed up here as it just killed the brand in an instant. Like me, people didn’t know it was Weight Watchers.

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The Best Buy logo redesign

Bust Buy logo redesign

BestBuy losing its iconic tag logo design was a bit of a step backwards for the brand. The new logo does seem very corporate and would not relate to its discount-hungry customers.

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The Pepsi logo mark redesign

Pepsi old new logo redesign fail

People seemed to react with confusion when Pepsi changed its iconic logo mark.

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The Capital One logo redesign

Capital One logo redesign

Capital One makes the bizarre move of adding more stuff to their new logo design. Usually, the designers are taking stuff away and making it simpler. Not these guys.

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The Kraft logo redesign

Kraft logo redesign

Kraft had a real shocker here with their latest logo design, didn’t they? Their original brand was so strong. The new one looks like it’s been done by the intern graphic designer.

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The Yahoo! logo redesign

Yahoo logo redesign

Yahoo up next with its new logo design. Another example of a fun brand feeling like they need to grow up and mature.

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The Black & Decker logo redesign

Black & Decker logo redesign

I have mixed feelings about this one. One the one hand the new logo is simpler which is good. Unfortunately, it also looks a little bargain basement which is not good for a premium brand.

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The Myspace logo redesign

Myspace logo redesign

Myspace created some controversy when they changed their logo design. The uproar helped the brand. It brought it back into the spotlight. Which can only be a good thing for the brand? People were so annoyed with the new logo they ended up changing it back!

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The Kodak logo redesign

Kodak logo redesign

Kodak here with a logo redesign. In a bizarre move, they made the logo much more unfriendly to modern technology with this logo design. It’s not a design that would work well on a small screen. The vertical copy is also a bad move.

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I do get mad when I see big companies spending a fortune on their rebrand. I always think, why don’t they pour this money into making their products and services better? Rebranding and re-designing your logo is a big deal. Depending on the size of your company it can cost a fortune. Most of the time I think the old saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it comes to mind in these cases.

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