A Sneek Peak At Logobly’s Logo Fonts

Part of an amazing logo is an amazing font. And Logobly will feature some amazing fonts!

I’ve been searching the internet far and wide to source the very best font and I’ve found some absolute beauties.

Here’s a preview of the fonts that will be used in the upcoming release of my Logobly logo maker for startups.

Before we get into the fonts, here’s a list of things I look for when selecting a font for a logo design:

1) The logo fonts must be attractive, whilst I know this is subjective. But as a designer, I do know how to pick attractive fonts.

2) The logo fonts must look ‘current’ but also be timeless. You don’t want to have a font in your logo that looks cool for a year or so but then looks awful and dated. It has to stand the test of time.

3) The font must be readable at all sizes. As you know Logobly will be a logo maker for online startups. And online startups are based on screens. Small mobile screen especially.

A sneak peek at the logo fonts that will be used in Logobly

logo fonts logo fonts

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