Interview With Hans Braxmeier, Co-founder and CEO of Pixabay

We’re totally stoked Hans Braxmeier, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pixabay has made some time in his day to inspire us. Read on to hear about his other epic projects, how he stays creative and what he loves about photography.

Tell us how Pixabay came to be?

Together with Simon I started my first web project – the microblogging website and later the English version Authors can write articles about any topic and include multimedia elements like photos or videos. But some of the authors included copyrighted material. So we launched to give our users a platform with free images to use everywhere.

How do you stay engaged and creative?

I am interested in many different things like doing sports, making photos, programming, reading, everything you can imagine. So every day is a new experience helping me be creative, and giving me a lot of inspiration and input to improve and advance our projects. Sadly a day has just 24 hours!

What do you love the most about Photography?

Photography is one of my favourite hobbies and therefore my passion. I love to be outside and shoot everything that gets before my lens. I like nature, landscapes, architecture, animals, people – as you can see on my profile page on Pixabay 🙂 Also, I am interested in new technologies and I am impressed how fast new cameras and lenses are introduced. At the moment, I shoot with a Sony Alpha 7R II and the 90mm macro lens – one of the best cam/lens combination available on the market. Really cool 🙂

Is there a formal structure for your creative and new ideas process?

No, there is no formal structure at all. We are very spontaneous and decide about creative ideas every day. Doing a lot of sports helps to free my mind 🙂

On what project are you currently working on?

We have a lot of ideas regarding the internet, but most of the time we need for our current projects, and the corresponding english website Ten years ago I created a website for global relief maps: which I still keep up-to-date.

Name three tools that you use on a typical day?

Gimp – a free photoshop clone, Munin – a free tool to check our server stats and my Sony Alpha 7R II – the best cam I ever owned.

Who were some of your most significant mentors?

Hmm… I think we do not have any specific mentors. We learned a lot by our own browsing through the internet and we grew with our ongoing experience. In short: We learn with our projects.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

The best thing in my job is, that I can decide about everything myself. There is no chief who decides what to do or not. Together with Simon we build a really creative team and give each other the freedom we need. As mentioned above photography is my passion, so I can combine my hobby and my work. Also I like our acitve community where I can give a lot to our users but also learn a lot from them.

Tea or coffee?

Both 🙂