10 Best Fonts For Logo Design You Need Right Now

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Craig Barber

Craig Barber

Branding expert & Founder of Logobly

I’ve been a professional branding designer for over 15 years.

I know what makes for a great logo font.

In this post I’m going to list the very best fonts for logo design.

I’ve tapped my own personal collection of logo fonts, plus I also found some fresh new fonts for you.

Let’s dive into the 10 best fonts for logo design shall we.

Here we go.


Best fonts for logos Arlon

Introducing Arlon! Yes, certainly one the best, if not the best fonts for logos. This beautifully crafted logo font looks like it came from outer space. Absolutely perfect for a company or startup logo design. It’s the type of font for a logo that would age well too. It would look fresh even in 20 years time.

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Best fonts for logos Arona

This my friends is Arona. One of the more cool fonts for logos. This font has lovely round shapes that ooze sophistication. Perfect for a new startup or established company logo. Yes sir, this is one of the best fonts for logos on the market.

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Best fonts for logos Gilmer

Gilmer! Can you get a more perfect font. One of the mostly lovely modern logo fonts out there. This piece of perfection would suit any and logo design. It’s timeless in design and is my personal favourite. Don’t tell anyone but this is one of the best fonts for logo design hands down.

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Best fonts for logos Qualy

Qualy is the name of this font. This slick piece of modern typography engineering is just stunning. It’s slick as hell and is one good fonts for logos design. Yes, brand your startup or company with this professional logo font and you will be winning the race of best logo design for sure.

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Best fonts for logo design

Did someone say stylish fonts for logo? We’ve got you covered here with Harabara. A professional logo font indeed. This wonderful and creative logo font will bring sophistication to any startup or company logo design. It’s similar to the original Facebook logo font, but way cooler in my opinion.

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Best fonts for logos Visbly Round

When it comes to stylish fonts for logo, Visby has got you covered. It’s a friendly and creative logo font that welcomes you into the room like a good friend. It’s smooth and round and not spikey to touch. One of the best modern logo fonts you can find. Use it to brand your startup today.

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Fonts for logo design

Cyber logo font is one hell of a future forward font for a logo! Yes sir this slicker then slick font really does the job. Use it in a logo or on the side of a cop car from the year 2060. Either way this beauty won’t let you down when it comes to fonts for logos.

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Best fonts for logos Goldplay

Goldplay, one of the best fonts for logos 2020. It’s a big call but this is one of the cool fonts for logos. It’s a professional logo font that will do any startup logo or company logo proud. A must have when it comes to good fonts for logos is Goldplay.

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Best fonts for logos Comfortaa

Comfortaa is one of those creative fonts for logo design. It’s part of the family of modern logo fonts. And is surely part of the good fonts for logos pack. Use it to brand your startup or new company and your brand will look the part.

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That’s a wrap of the 10 best fonts for logos you need in your life right now. When it comes to modern logo fonts, we’ve pretty much covered off some of the most amazing, bold and professional fonts for logos in 2020. It may be tempting to go for the latest, trendy font for your logo design. It’s best to keep things modern, classy and timeless when it comes to your fonts, you don’t want your brand looking dated and old within 5 years.

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