21 Incredible Fonts For Logo Design You Need Right Now

Today I’m going to list the very best fonts for logo design.

I’ve been a professional designer for over 15 years.

I’ve scouted the internet for dozens of fonts.

And created lots of awesome logos.

There are some amazing fonts that look incredible when used in logo design.

Let’s check out these amazing fonts for logo design.

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Isidora Sans

A lovely clean, bold font that looks timeless when used in a logo design. An all round great font for logo design that oozes style and sophistication.

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Think & Action

A fun, flashy example of script style fonts for a logo. A great logo font for a fashion brand or even a kids brand.

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Visby Sans Serif

One of the best fonts for logo making, it’s clean, it’s clear and readable at all sizes. A slick font for use on a startup or tech company.

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Creative Minds

Another fun example of fonts for logo design, creative minds is fun but still readable and clear at all sizes. A great font for a fun brand.

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Blorp! The name says it all. A great fun font that would work on any logo design where you need a bit of fun and character in your logo designs.

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Studio Gothic

A solid font that would work well on any logo for your startup or side project. It’s bold but still stylish and holds its own in any character.

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This flavoursome font is perfect for fun logo design. It’s curves and bold lines mean it’s a great fit for not so serious branding and logo design.

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Super Molot

This font feels like it comes straight out of a science fiction movie! It’s great. A serious font for serious startups.

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Roundly is a slick, but friendly font that is perfect for stylish logo design. It’s beautiful lines make it modern and timeless at the same time. One of my personal favourites.

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Airates is another, slick and stylish hand written style font that is lovely for logo design. It’s dramatic lines add character to any logo design.

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Visby Round

This robust font is perfect for a number of branding and logo applications. It’s round and fun but still approachable and friendly.

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Gilmer is a very well crafted font that has slick lines and great curves. It’s the perfect font for use in logo design.

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All Round Gothic

This lovely, rounded font is super slick and another one of my favourites for logo design. Use it to generate amazing logos for your next startup or side project.

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Wallman is a very distinctive and original font design. Amazing when used in logo design. It can be used in uppercase and lowercase too.

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With it’s unique ‘g’ Aguda really stands out in the crowd it’s a must have when it comes to fonts for logo design.

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This friendly, rounded font is perfect when it comes to creating a brand that looks good on any website or board room. When you really need to impress use this one.

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iProton Extra Bold

A slick, futuristic font that makes any logo design really sing! Another one of my personal favourites, this one really delivers when it comes to making a logo.

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A special, angular font that really has some unique properties. Aftika makes any work look special. Use it to impress people with your logo designs.

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Oh dude this is a lovely font! Odudo is thick and round and perfect for logo design. It can transform even the blandest of names into something special.

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Looking like it should be on the side of a spaceship, Arlon is one awesome font for logo design. It is slick and simple, but still impresses with it’s awesome shapes.

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Qualy is a quality font for any startup logo design! This beautifully crafted font is probably my favourite logo font of all time. Use it wisely my friends.

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Wow, quite the list of amazing fonts for logos, right?

If you’re using these fonts to design a logo, you really can’t go too wrong.

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