101 Cool Logo Designs That Will Inspire You

When it comes to cool logo designs, we’ve got you covered here at Logobly.

We’ve searched the internet far and wide to bring you a collection of the most awesome, inspirational logo designs for your company or new business idea. We’ve got hipster logos, corporate logos, clever logos, tech startup logos and logos that are a little out there.

One things for sure, we all agree what makes a great logo design. That’s originality, fun and a bit of good old fashioned creativity mixed in with an eye for detail and great design. Combine all of these things and you’ve got yourself a brilliant logo design.

Enjoy our selection of 101 cool logo designs to inspire you.

cool logo

Some great examples of logos using shapes in the word mark to demonstrate what the business is. This is a really clever way to design a logo if you can do it.

Below are some amazing examples of minimalist logos for corporations and tech startups. Use of bright colours is always fun when it comes to logo design. As long as it’s relevant to your business.

Cool logo

Some creative examples of logos using bold colours and great use of black and white space. Using just one colour is a way to really make a statement with your logo design. It also keeps things simple.

cool logo

Some lovely, whimsical hand written logos which are a great way to communicate a friendly vibe. Not for every brand, but these types of logos really suit edgy fashion related brands. Or retail based products.

Some playful and also serious logos for a corporate and tech startup logos here. Lots of colours are always a good idea when it comes to kids brands. Limited colours are a way to make a logo feel more sophisticated.

Logos below here are examples that have been designed to be used with food brands and also educational logos. When it comes to food brands, lots of colours can be fun. As long as it’s relevant. You wouldn’t use bright colours for health foods for example.

Some bold, simple logo designs here that use strong colours and creative shapes to make a mark. These are great examples of logo design that use just one simple word. This is not entirely practical if your business has a long name or two words.

Some lovely, simple and minimal logo designs here which are perfect for apps and websites. It’s always a good idea to make sure you design a logo that works on dark and light background colours.

Most modern logos are designed to work on small screens like the logos below. The more complicated a logo is, the less likely it is to work on all screen sizes. So remember to keep it simple and bold.

Logos here using one colour show how powerful shapes can be using just one colour. Using black only can really add some luxury and class when it comes to logo design. These remind me of coffee logos for some reason.

Some more complex, decorative logos here that can be used for non screen based brands like food products. These are the types of logos you would expect for a restaurant chain or something similar.

Incredible simple logo designs here that have powerful, clever shapes that make for amazing logos. Using bold colours is always a great way to make high an impact. My personal preference is to use only 2 colours when it comes to logos.

Logos here with some amazing illustrations also make for great cool logo designs. Remember not to make the logo mark too complicated. It’s also important that you can always read the word mark of your logo.

cool logo


We hope you were inspired by our collection of 101 amazing logo designs. As you can see there are so many ways to design a cool logo. There is no one ‘right way’. As long as your logo is readable at all sizes, uses suitable colours, fonts and logo marks that match your business, you can’t go too wrong. When it comes to logo design it can come down to personal tastes. Usually everyone can agree with great logo design. You usually know straight away when you have a logo that is ‘the one’. With the right use of colours, typography and creativity you can create an amazing logo design. To get started today, why not try our delightful new logo maker made just for startups. It’s called Logobly, you can create an awesome logo yourself online is just minutes, not hours. It also makes everything you need to brand your business and get started on that next venture today.

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