23 Popular Color Combinations Loved By Over 90,000 People

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Craig Barber

Craig Barber

Founder of Logobly
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Today I’m listing the most amazing, and popular color combinations for startups and logo design.

I’ve done branding and website design for over 15 years.

I know what color combinations to use.

And I know where to find them.

According to the website Colorhunt, the color combinations below have received over 90,000+ likes!

People love these color combinations.

They’re popular for a reason… Because they are so damn good!

Here we go with 23 incredible color combinations for your startup.

PS: I’ve also included the HEX values next to each color scheme so you can use them in your favourite editor.


1. Blue, green and pink ( 9,588 ♥️ )

color combinations startup

A lovely, strong color combination for a website or logo design.


2. Orange, cream and dark blues ( 2360 ♥️ )

color combinations startup

Another great color combination for websites and logo colors via Colorhunt.


3. Aqua and blues ( 2520 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

A lovely soothing color combination for a financial website or logo design.


4. Blues and yellow ( 3323 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

A strikingly great color combination. Great for new startups and logo colors.


5. Red, cream and green ( 3430 ♥️ )

color combinations startup

An amazing color combo for a hot new startup in the bio tech space.


6. Blue, green and pink ( 2774 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

One of the most liked color combinations featured on Colorhunt.


7. Shades of green ( 8251 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

Another interesting color scheme for a logo or startup.


8. Dark blue, red and green ( 5427 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

Another example of the many great color combinations for websites and logo colors.


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9. Blues, red and cream ( 2755 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

One of the more interesting color combinations, the blue is lovely.


10. Reds and blues ( 3034 ♥️  )

color combinations logo

A great color swatch for a logo design.


11. Light green, cream, red and dark blue ( 3856 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

The perfect color scheme for a new startup or logo design.


12. Red, yellow and blues ( 2814 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

Perfect for your next project. These colors are so vivid. They look great on screen.


13. Red, cream, green and blue ( 2915 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

Definitely a one of the good color combinations for websites.


14. Aqua, cream, orange and red ( 6477 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

A lovely, happy color combo for a startup with a younger demographic.


15. Blue, green and pink ( 4002 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

Logo color scheme anyone? The below colors really work.


16. Shades of blue ( 7276 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

An amazing color scheme for a fin tech startup.


17. Red, white and blue ( 4965 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

The perfect colors to inspire your next startup or logo design.


18. Dark blue, greens and red ( 5253 ♥️ )

color combinations logo

A set of striking colors, one of the best color combinations for websites.


19. Pink, cream, green and dark blue ( 5061 ♥️ )

color combinations branding

A unique color scheme that would look lovely on a logo design.


20. Dark blue, yellow, cream and red ( 2650 ♥️ )

color combinations startup

A striking and unique color scheme for your next logo.


21. Grey, green, orange and red ( 2186 ♥️ )

color combination

A trendy color scheme that is bound to turn heads and get attention.


22. Grey, green and dark blue ( 628 ♥️ )

color combination

A nice serious color combo, perfect for an insurance or fin tech startup.


23. Blue, green and yellow ( 514 ♥️ )

color combination

A lovely natural and earthy color scheme, perfect for a bio tech startup or logo.



So there you have it my fellow entrepreneurs, makers and side hustlers!

23 amazing, hand picked and popular color schemes to inspire your next website or logo design.

If you know someone who needs some color inspiration for their next logo design or startup, be sure to share my 23 top color recommendations with them.

Lastly, if you need even more awesome color combos, be sure to check out Colorhunt.

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