15 Controversial Logo Redesign Fails That Got People Talking

Logo redesign fails

In this post we’re going to checkout some bad logo redesign fails. People get so used to seeing a logo everywhere. Especially if it’s a really big brand. When the logo changes, it’s a big deal. Most of the time a big company gets it right when it comes to a rebrand. But every so […]

73 Logos With Hidden Meanings – Can You Spot Them All?

Logos With Hidden Meanings

Clever designers often create logos with hidden meanings in them. Most of the time it’s something that relates to the product or service the logo represents. I’ve searched the internet far and wide to bring you 73 examples of the best logos with hidden meanings in them. Some of the hidden images are very subtle, some not […]

100 Incredible Logo Samples To Inspire Your Next Logo Design

Logo samples

In this post we’re going to check out a bunch of inspiring logo samples. I’ve been a branding designer for a number of years. These logo samples sure do impress me. Specifically we’ll cover logo design samples and examples of company logos. All of them showcase the latest in logo design. Let’s dive in.   […]

20 Popular Logo Colors To Kickstart Your Branding

Logo colors and inspiration

In this post we’re going to check out inspiring and popular logo colors. These are some of the best logo color combinations from famous brands. I’m sure you’ll recognise them. Are you ready to be inspired? Let’s dive in.   Pink logo inspiration Barbie, Lyft, Pink the musician and T Mobile are all stunning examples […]

The Complete Practical Guide To Logos And Logo Design In 2020

logo design complete guide

Welcome to our complete practical guide guide to logos and logo design in 2020. In this detailed guide you’ll learn about: What the word logo means Types of logos What makes a great logo Logo colors Logo fonts How to design a logo How to write a logo design brief Logo design costs Color systems […]

50 Best Logotypes You Need To Inspire Your Next Logo Design

best logotypes to inspire your next logo design

In this post we’re going to check out 50 of the best logotypes. Logotypes that will inspire your next logo design. Including some famous logotypes I’m sure you’ll recognise. Before we jump in, did you know? ‘Logotype’ comes from combining two Greek words. ‘Logos’ meaning word, and ‘typos’ meaning imprint. Together you get the word […]

100 Gorgeous Logo Ideas Guaranteed To Spark Joy

Logo ideas

Today we’re going to checkout 100 gorgeous logo ideas. They are guaranteed to spark joy and inspire your next logo design. I’m a professional designer with over 20 years experience. It’s safe to say I’ve seen a lot of creative logo design ideas. I’m hard to impress, and these logos impress. Let’s dive in.   […]

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

Startup Branding

In this post we’re going to learn about startup branding. It’s been a month since I launched Logobly, my new logo maker for startups. Since then, Logobly has generated over 10,000 logos for startups! That’s a lot of logos. And startups. And founders. I’m going to share with you some useful data Logobly has unearthed […]

101 New Business Ideas To Steal And Use

New Business Ideas

As a serial entrepreneur I have a practice of writing down 10 new business ideas every day. Over the last 2 years I’ve filled multiple notebooks with 100’s of new business ideas. Crazy ideas, weird ideas, bad ideas and some great new business ideas. Lucky for you, I’ve painstakingly gone through all of my notebooks […]

10 Best Fonts For Logo Design You Need Right Now

fonts for logo

I’ve been a professional branding designer for over 15 years. I know what makes for a great logo font. In this post I’m going to list the very best fonts for logo design. I’ve tapped my own personal collection of logo fonts, plus I also found some fresh new fonts for you. Let’s dive into […]