10 Popular Logo Design Questions Answered

Logo Design Questions

Logos and logo design is a hot topic. You guys have a lot of questions when it comes to logo design. In this post, I’m going to answer the 10 most popular logo design questions people have. Let’s dive in. What is a logo?How does a logo design process go?How is a logo made?How do […]

How To Crush Your Competition With Branding


Billionaire businessman Peter Thiel states branding as one of the 5 key characteristics needed to create a monopoly in business. Yes. Branding. In his Stanford talk ‘Competition is for losers’ Peter didn’t get into branding – It’s not his thing. Lucky for you, branding is my thing. In this post, we’re going to cover 9 key […]

The Complete Practical Guide To Logos And Logo Design In 2021

logo design complete guide

Welcome to our complete practical guide guide to logos and logo design in 2020. In this detailed guide you’ll learn about: What the word logo means Types of logos What makes a great logo Logo colors Logo fonts How to design a logo How to write a logo design brief Logo slogans and taglines Logo […]

Designing A Logo? Stop And Read These 10 Super-Helpful Tips

Designing a logo

In this post we’re going to check off 10 things to remember when designing a logo. I’m a professional branding designer with over 20 years experience. I know a thing or two when it comes to logo design. By the end of this checklist you’ll be super confident when it comes to designing a logo. […]

15 Genius Hacks For Creative Business Names Which Are Kind Of Clever

Ways To Create Amazing Business Names

You’ve got the killer business idea. Now you just need some creative business names… But it feels like all the good names are taken right? Especially the .com domain names. Fear not my soon-to-be-founder friend! With this handy guide you’ll be busting out business names in no time! Before we jump into the creative business […]

10 Genius Business Name Generators Which Are Ridiculously Useful

Business Name Generator

Need a creative business name generator? Today I’m going to share with you 10 genius business name generators which are ridiculously useful. I’ve used these business name generators to generate 100’s of business, company and startup names. Plus generate loads of available dot com domain names for many startups and side projects! The best thing […]