Canva Logo Maker Alternative, Logobly Logo Maker

Looking for a Canva logo maker alternative? You’ve come to the right place my maker friend.

Introducing Logobly, the new and amazing alternative to the Canva logo maker.

With Logobly, the delightful new logo maker you can make logos for your startup, side project or new business in minutes.

Simply enter your business name to get started.

Canva logo maker

Logobly creates full logo packages, just like the Canva logo maker

Wix Logo Maker

  • Logos ready for your website
  • A favicon for your website
  • Full ownership of your logo ( no attribution required )
  • SVG, PNG and EPS logo files for all your needs including print
  • Social media logos for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • You also get word mark only logos in your complete logo package

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Logobly logo maker generator

A new logo maker made just for startups

Easy to use

Logobly is really easy to use, just like the Canva logo maker. Just enter your company name to get started.

High quality fonts

Logobly has lots of amazing, premium high quality fonts to make your logo look amazing, just like the Canva logo maker.

High quality icons

Logobly has hand picked only the best quality icons to pair with your logo type, the result is amazing professional logos.

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How Logobly Works

Step 1. Enter your startups name

First step is to enter your startup or company name into the logo maker online.

Step 2. Select your startups space

Next step is to select your startups space. For example your startup or side project may be in the Productivity or Email space. Click a category and then hit next.

Step 3. Choose your font

Choosing your font is next. You will be presented with a selection of 10 beautiful, hand picked fonts for your logo design. Select the font you like and hit next.

Step 4. Choose your color

Choosing your logo color combination is next. Here you can choose from some amazing pre selected color combinations, or you can choose your own. To choose your own logo color combination, simply hit the swatch icon. From there you can pick a color or enter in your own hex value. Too easy!

Step 5. Choose your logo design

The fun bit, choosing your final logo design. In this screen you will be presented with a selection of 20 logo design. Have a scroll through and pick your favourite logo design. Then hit next.

Step 6. Checkout and download your logo

Time to check out and download your final logo design package. Simply enter your credit card details and email address. Then hit next. On the next screen you will be presented with a download link. You will also get your logo package emailed to you.


Logobly logo maker

If you’re looking for an amazing new alternative to the Canva logo maker, Logobly is for you.

With the Logobly logo maker you can create professional quality logo designs in minutes.

Simply visit to get started making your new logo design to brand your startup or side project in minutes, not hours.

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