10 Best Business Name Generators For Your Next Startup or Side Project

You’ve spent days coming up with the killer idea. Now you just need a name. An awesome name and a dot com domain name to go with it. But all the good domain names are taken, right? Especially the dot com domain names! Wrong. With a bit of creativity and some good old fashion technology in the form of a business name generator, you can secure yourself an amazing business name and the dot com domain to go with it.

Lucky for you my soon-to-be-founder friend, I’ve searched the internet far and wide to bring you the very best, business name generators on the internet. These websites were especially made to help you create a business name and find that elusive and available dot com domain name.

Before we jump into the business name generators. You’ll need a couple of keywords for your business. For example, when I was looking for a name for Logobly, I knew I wanted the word ‘logo’ in the name. Another word I could have used is ‘brand’. Take a moment to brainstorm a couple of keywords for your business name, write them down and have them ready for the business name generators.

Here’s my list of the 10 best business name generators on the internet.


Business Name Generator

Wordoid is my go to business name generator. It looks old school. But trust me this site is a real gem when it comes to both creating an original word and showing you if the domain name is available. The great thing with Wordoid is you can set the length of your business name. You can also tell it to suggest names with your word at the beginning, middle or end of the word. Wordiod is an amazing resource when it comes to business name generation.


Business Name Generator

Panabee, another great site to use when it comes to business name suggestions and available dot com domain names. Weird name, but a super-handy site when it comes to both creating a unique name and showing if the domain name is available. One of the great things about Panabee is that it also suggests related terms to your word search. This can really help when you need some inspiration and suggestions.


Business Name Generator

Name Mesh is a fantastic free site that generates a list of available domain and business names based on a keyword. The beauty of Namemesh is you can see a huge list of suggested business names and available domain names on one screen. You can also select just available dot com domain names and also the length of domain names which is great. An all-around great solution that will help you generate a list of business names and available dot com domains with just a keyword.

Domain Wheel

Business Name Generator

Domain Wheel is a relatively new player in the game. It’s another great site that both generates business names and lists available dot com domain names. It has a fun, clutter-free user experience which makes it great. Like the others, you can select just dot com domain names. It also suggests similar keywords based on your search which is a nice touch. An all-around great experience when generating your new business and domain name.


Business Name Generator

Domainling is another super fast, stripped back way to generate business names and accompanying dot com domain names. It has a lovely bare bones user experience where you can quickly search for available domain names. It also lists ‘prefix’ keyword at the start and ‘suffix’ keyword at the end for available dot com domain names. A lovely no-nonsense site to find your next business name and available dot com domain.

Lean Domain Search

Business Name Generator

Lean Domain Search is another simple, well-made site owned by the guys at Automattic. Enter your keyword and hit enter for a whole bunch of business names and available .com domain names. Lean Domain Search site has great user experience and is fast and hassle-free. I also like the way it instantly displays all dot com domains available and suggests names with prefixes and suffixes. When you click on the domain name, it also lets you know if the Twitter handle is available which is a lovely touch.


Business Name Generator

Bustaname is another oldie but a goodie. If you click on the ‘Domain maker’ tab you can find a business name and an available dot com domain name based off a keyword. If you’re really stuck for a business name, you can generate a random word with an available dot com domain name. This is great if you’re just after something completely random with an available dot com domain name.


Business Name Generator

Impossibility, the self-proclaimed Best Domain Name Generator is pretty damn good. Even if they do say so themselves. It’s got a nice, lean user experience. Although it does look like a domain holding page. Just enter your business name keyword and it does the rest. You can select business names with your keyword at the end or the start of the name just like the others. It shows a simple list of results with dot com domain names that are currently available.

Instant Domain Search

Business Name Generator

As the name suggests, Instant Domain Search is a fast, slick, minimal business name generator. Simply enter in your keyword to get a list of business names and available dot com domain names. There are quite a lot of results with this one. Not all of the names listed are available. Some are premium domain names which is a little annoying. The names with a green ‘BUY’ listed next to it means the name is available and can be purchased cheaply. It does suggest some great domain names. But having premium ones listed is not ideal. So this is not my favourite one.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is another example of a free site where you can enter a keyword for your business name and get presented with both business names and also check if the dot com domain name is also available on the same screen. A handy, free site with some creative business name suggestions. BusinessNameGenerator shows a selection of top-level domain names that are available, and also created business names for you. To see if the suggested business name is available, just click on the link and it shows a box that lets you know if it’s available. A handy site, but they do try to upsell you a lot in the process which can be annoying.


It may feel like finding that cheap, available dot com domain name may be impossible. But it’s not. With a little creativity and the tools above you can find dozens of awesome and available dot com domains for your next startup or side project. Just keep at it. There are so many examples of great business and domain names people thought up and registered for cheap. Great examples include Audible, Spotify and Grammarly. These companies started small and didn’t have huge budgets to purchase domain names. So they got creative with the name and you can too. Just keep at it and good luck!

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